Creating unique displays...
As one of the UK's leading signage and display manufacturers, we are always trying to offer you something different to take to your clients. In the below, we look at using wood effect vinyl to wrap our products.

Why not create a unique display for your client and instead of going with a standard powder coat finish. Opt for wood effect vinyl instead and create something that will really catch the eye! As you can see from the images at the top of the page this creates a stunning effect.

We can wrap a number of our extrusions in vinyl. The vinyl is suitable for interior and exterior use and there are several light wood and dark wood options available along with other effects such as marble. Impress your clients and show them what can be achieved. These products would fit perfectly into any high-end restaurant, hotel, or retail store.

We can wrap a number of our profiles:

our very own tension fabric system. (SEG frame)

Snap frames:
the tried and trusted poster frame. Bespoke snap frames are our specialty.

Menu cases:
waterproof with the option to illuminate.

Slimlock notice boards:
for non-illuminated poster displays or notice boards.

To see the full range of vinyl available or to discuss your project further please feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to talk through your project and develop it with you. We are always happy to help.

Bradley Robinson