Trough light testing with Dan Furniss
This week before the days start to get brighter and sunnier (hopefully). I took the opportunity to test out the modules we use in our Trough lighting before I left for home. We offer 3 different modules in our Trough lights. Our standard module covers depths of up to 2m, we then have our middle module which covers a span of up to 4m, and then we have our largest module. This is by far the most impressive module, as seen in the image below I'm stood on our mezzanine at nearly 6m high, and as you can see the light is still bouncing off the floor!

light for signage

The modules themselves are housed in our 70mm diameter Trough light and stood off the wall by our very sturdy bracket. The bracket can be manufactured to stand any set distance off the wall and the trough light itself tilts on the bracket in order for you to get the right illumination onto your signage. As shown in the spec below:

Cinque Terre

The Trough light is perfect for sign lighting. It's a cheaper alternative to backlighting a sign and the results are very impressive. You may also find local councils pass the use of a Trough light where they have rejected backlit signage previously. 

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Dan Furniss