Slimlock - Magnetic notice board
The tried and trusted Slimlock display case has had a little makeover this week. We have been experimenting with a magnetic, dry wipe material in the back. We asked Jordan here to get creative with the marker pens and surprisingly he did a half-decent job (we don't want his head to grow any bigger then it already is). More pictures are in our gallery if you wish to see more pictures. The frames are lockable and hinged with door stays for ease of opening. The displays are also easy to change once the door stays are in place. The display can either be posters attached via magnets or if you're a bit creative, get out your pens and get drawing. 

These frames would sit perfectly outside eateries or public houses were displays need to be changed daily and easily by the staff on hand. Alternative backings for the slimlock include A solid back with poster clips to accept a poster or a pinboard backing to make a notice board product.