TexSign Tension fabric system

TexSign Tension fabric system

TexSign is Browning's very own version of the Tension fabric system (TFS) intended for interior signage. Popular applications for tension fabric systems include; exhibition displays, conference displays, retail displays. Or they can even be ceiling hung to create unique lighting.

The Tension fabric system (TFS) has grown rapidly over the years and their popularity is still on the rise. Tension fabric systems coupled with the silicone edge graphics create an easy and cost-effective way to change a display. The fabric is so easy to tension, making this ideal for retail environments. If and when the fabric displays need replacing. Simply pull out the old graphics from the aluminium frames, using the tab which is pre-stitched onto the graphics, and release the tension. Then push in the new fabric graphic using the silicone edging stitched around the perimeter of the graphics to create tension. This will create a perfect tension on the fabric print. The tension fabric frames are slim and aesthetically pleasing. The fabric systems can be back-lit or side-lit with led modules and wall-mounted to create an eye-catching display.

We offer an exciting range of tension fabric frames and boxes from 18mm to 170mm single-sided and 40mm to 180mm double-sided. The fabric frames can either be illuminated or non-illuminated. All our Tension fabric display systems are made from our own dyes and manufactured in house. We can supply the tension fabric system complete. Or alternatively, we can cut and mitre and supply the frame in kit form for you to build. We can also supply with or without the fabric graphics.

The frame is designed with ease of graphic change in mind, it should only take minutes in order to change the fabric graphic. Making it great for; exhibition, trade shows, advertising, and point of sale displays. The fabric graphics come with a silicone edge. The silicone edge graphics then push into the channel on the aluminium frame creating tension on the fabric display. Giving you a nice tight graphic. See the illustration at the bottom of the page showing how the silicone edge graphics tension into the frame.

As well as being used as a traditional wall-mounted or free-standing frame which is great for those looking for portable trade show displays. The Texsign fabric frame and the silicone edge graphics can also be used to create ceiling lightboxes. Fixing it face down from the ceiling, it can offer a spectacular way to provide lighting throughout the building. The fabric displays can be printed with your desired image in order to offer something totally unique to your client. alternatively the fabric graphics can just be left plain white to offer ambient lighting.

In recent times, the tension fabric frame has been adapted to suit the demand for sneeze screens. Our 40mm double-sided system can be made free-standing with clear graphics. To create a partition. If required the graphics can also be printed. As we manufacture in house, these partitions can be made to any size. Whether they are floor standing, fixed on top of tables or counters. Or they can even be suspended from the ceiling floor space is limited. Creating a safe office or retail space.

Our TexSign system is available in a full range of specifications and sizes. As we manufacture all of our tension fabric systems (TFS) in house. We have the ability to design and build your signage to fit your individual needs. We can powder coat to any standard ral colour or wet spray to pantones. Alternatively, we can even wrap the profile in special effect vinyl for an eye-catching finish. Finishes include brushed aluminium, marble, or wood effect vinyl. For the full range please feel free to contact our office for details.

Tension fabric displays:

Single-sided TFS extrusions: - 18mm deep - 24mm deep - 60mm deep - 83mm deep - 120mm deep - 170mm deep Double-sided TFS extrusion: - 40mm - 180mm

Easitex (TFS)

Alternatively, Brownings also offers Signcomp Easitex products. which can be found by clicking here. These frames are almost reverse-engineered. They eliminate the need to stitch the silicone onto the edge of the graphics. As-built into the aluminium frames is a gripper that grips the textile skin once it's pushed inside the frame. To tension the graphic, a tension tool is included and this aids the installer to get the skin pushed into the gripper inside the frame system. The result is a nice, tensioned finish to the sign.

To discuss your project, please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements. We will be happy to help

For more photos of our TexSign system, click here and check out our gallery.
TexSign Tension fabric system

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