Flex Face Signs - Illuminated

Flex Face Signs - Illuminated

For flex face signage, Brownings use the Econoflex from Signcomp. Which is the perfect choice for large format illuminated signs and is the industry standard option. It also offers an alternative to acrylic faced light boxes, which can be unsafe at large sizes. Flex face signage is great for all weather conditions. The signs flex face PVC skin is great for large format signage as it can be printed up to 5m wide with your desired graphics.

Brownings only supply to the trade and anonymity is our specialty. We can supply complete with Led's and the flexible PVC skin. Or we can produce as little as producing a kit for yourselves to build.

We can also create irregular shapes and flex face letters utilising the Econoflex. Variants of the extrusion include the Glowline. Which is perfect for petrol forecourts. A wrap-around Econoflex. These will mitre and meet at the corner, for a flex face sign that runs around a building. A curved backbox and Retro frame to create convex signs and many more. Please read about all the variants below. To see how to set up the flex face skin for print and to pre clip, click here to watch the tutorial.

Variants of flex face signage:


The design of the ECONOFLEX system was customer-driven. The unique SignComp clip system was so easy to de-tension. It would be faster to perform maintenance functions by releasing the face. To tension, the flex face sign clips (tension clips) slide into a notched channel to create tension on the PVC skin. Then to de-tension, they click back out of the frame. The flex face sign material often referred to as the skin. Peels back allowing easy maintenance of the sign. Rather than the traditional methods of hinged frames or removable access panels, this is much easier. The flex face sign cabinet comes in various depths as shown below.

Available depths: Single-sided aluminium flexface extrusions: - 135mm deep - 170mm deep - 196mm deep - 220mm deep Double-sided aluminium flexface extrusion: - 220mm:

For non-illuminated flex faces please click here.

Shaped flex face signs and Flex face letters:

With flex face signs the flexibility is endless. The extrusion lends itself very well to being manipulated and shaped. This enables us to create shaped boxes to match your client's demands. As long as there aren't any tight radius' or very acute angles. We should be able to create your shape. For advice please contact us. our dedicated staff will let you know if it's possible to create your desired shape.

Brownings are seeing a marked increase in the demand for built-up flex face letters. One of the key reasons for this is that clients are often surprised to learn that you can achieve more effective lighting results at less cost. By manufacturing and illuminating single letters rather than illuminating one single large rectangular box, the running costs are reduced. Using flex face signage for letters is great for large format applications. As you aren't restricted to sheet sizes, as you are with built-up letters. The finished boxes also look spectacular and creates an eye-catching sign that any sign maker would be proud of. Please contact us and we will advise you what's possible to manufacture.


Flex face signs with the added benefit of additional lighting underneath. The Econoflex with a makeover an acrylic diffuser is added to the underside of the box to provide glowline lighting. This allows light to shine down through the bottom of the sign. This is commonly used on petrol forecourts. Or by banks who use the Glowline as a security feature to illuminate ATM's

Wrap-around flex face signage:

For buildings with 2 fascias. We can create flex face signs that mitre and meet on the corner rather than 2 stand-alone boxes. For the corner, we utilise the frame mitre profile and capping. Which allows each side of the sign to take its own independent PVC skin

Curved backbox and Retro frame - Convex signs:

To create convex signs. We fabricate a curved backbox and weld our Retro frame to the face. Common sign applications for the type of flex sign is for retail parks. Where the flex signs need to match the structural design of the park.

For non-illuminated Retro and Fascia frames click here.To watch how to clip a flex face skin and the printing set up. Click here to watch the tutorial video ▶ To read more in-depth about our flex face signs, please visit our blog post: What is a flex face sign?For more photos of our flex face signage systems (illuminated and non-illuminated) click here and check out our gallery.

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