Trough light

Trough light

An led Trough light is an extruded aluminum overhead lighting system. Specially designed for; billboard sign lighting, building signs, lighting store fronts and signage lighting.

This type of led trough light unit allows a method of constant shadow-free illumination. Without the bright spots normally associated with spotlights. This provides highly effective illumination for sign lighting.

Weatherproof exterior led trough lighting, available up to 4m in a continuous length. Our Trough lights are simple to install. They can even be joined back to back with double-sided brackets for illuminating two sides of a projecting sign. 

The unit is very simple to install offering different fixing brackets. This enables the trough light to be fitted directly to the wall or at a set distance from it. Complete with screw fixed metal end caps. The unit is easily maintained as the polycarbonate diffuser hinges and opens allowing easy access to the LEDs. This popular led Trough light system can be produced to match the exact length of your sign. And the led lighting guarantees even illumination across your sign.

We manufacture led trough lights from our own extrusion. Building in-house, we can manufacture to your specifications. Whether it be cool white or warm white LEDs. The trough lighting and brackets can be coated to any ral colour or wet sprayed to a pantone colour. The brackets for the trough light can be made to any depth. This helps you achieve the right illumination for the depth of the sign. 

We offer a range of leds. Which offer coverage of up to 6m deep, making the trough light a very effective way to light signage. The Led's fall into three categories; up to 1.5m, up to 4m, and 4m to 6m.  Please make us aware when enquiring about a trough light, which led is required for your trough lighting.

A Led trough light is a great way to add light for signage applications. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your options. We can supply these fully made up or in lengths.

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