Slimlock Poster Cases

Slimlock Poster Cases

The SLIMLOCK poster case is an ideal system for indoor or outdoor as a display board or notice board. The Slimlock has a hinged and lockable door and which makes it quick and easy to change graphics/posters and is safe enough to use as an outdoor poster frame.

The Slimlock is a lockable poster display case. The locking device provides you with security in the outdoor environment. Yet does not look obtrusive to the overall appearance of the unit.

The hinged door on the Slimlock contains a virtually shatterproof glazed panel, protecting your posters further.

The Slimlock poster case can be found outside of many major retail stores. Loved by the high street as the poster display is quick and easy to change. The frame is lockable, securing the poster display. The Slimlock poster case is asthetically pleasing. At only 25mm deep the lockable slimlock poster case barely stands off the wall.

Features of the Slimlock poster case:

- Lockable
- Strong, durable and secure casing
- Hinged door with locking device
- Aluminium Profile 25mm deep
- A2 size upwards, great for making large notice boards
- Shatterproof 2mm PETG glazing panel
- 3mm correx back panel as standard
- Available with cork board backing to be utilised as an interior display board
- Option to illuminate with a led lightsheet

✦NEW✦ Magnetic notice board. 

The Slimlock poster case traditionally comes with either two options. A solid back with poster clips to accept a standard poster display. Or a felt notice board is placed inside the display case to create a bulletin board type application.

Now there is a third option: The DRYWIPE and MAGNETIC notice board

We utilise a magnetic, dry wipe material inside the Slimlock display case to create something a little different. Using a magnetic board framed within our Slimlock display case creates a versatile display. The Slimlock display case would sit perfectly outside any restaurant or public house. Or anywhere where the display needs to be changed easily by the staff on hand. The poster case doors are hinged with door stays. So they are easily accessible and the information can easily be changed. Either by using magnets to change the poster or if they're feeling creative, they can get drawing!
Slimlock Poster Cases
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